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Selling at Auction

Dating back to Roman times, one of the oldest methods of marketing is Auction and it’s a very important method of sale as there is a real opportunity for you to get more for your home than you expect. A well-run auction programme will likely take more time and effort for your sales consultant, but will ensure that the property gets the maximum exposure.

You set a deadline for the sale of your home.

This creates a sense of urgency among both buyers and sales consultants. It allows you to plan ahead in the knowledge that a definite date has been set for the sale of your home.

Selling at auction

A three-stage selling process

Auction is one of the few methods of sale where you get not one, but three opportunities to sell your property.

A three-stage selling process

Stage One: The lead-up period is very high profile Auction marketing will highlight your property, producing the greatest exposure when enquiries are likely to be at the highest level.

Stage Two: The Auction is the shortest part of the process but it is the best opportunity to stimulate competition. Because most people think in a range of values, rather than a specific figure, this is the time when a potential purchaser is most likely to stretch to the upper range of values to secure your property and, thereby produce the highest possible selling price for you.

Stage Three: Some people believe that if your property has not sold by this stage of the Auction process then the system has failed. Not so. Stage three can produce a whole new range of buyers, those who may need to sell another property or arrange finance before they can commit themselves unconditionally.